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Solace is a space you step into.

“If you see me, cry” is carved into a stone that emerged somewhere in Germany during the drought last summer. As a silent monument to the dried-up rivers of earlier times with hunger as a result.

I mirror myself in the child’s ignorance, its tears and its laughter.

You see something different than I do. I see something different than you do. We see the same. Humans are the only animal which cry emotional tears and find solace therein.

I cry my salty tears into the ocean and watch it rise. The ocean is both the distance and the connection to everything I hold dear. Other species have gone extinct before us and I live with loss and sorrow and rejoice every day.

Back in the cold, clear, Norwegian winter weather. The colours span from light blue tones to delicate rose, they are almost transparent and open my body and mind. 

I am struck by a homely peace that surprises me. My loss is bipartite. My loss is absolute.

Solace is a search for rest. And someday we shall swim among seaweed for eternity.

Collecting Hole, 2018
Flip Vertical, 2018